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Heel Spur /Epin Calcanei

topuk dikeni, epin calcanei, bakırköy, o

What is heel spur?

Heel spur; It is a disorder that occurs as a result of calcium accumulation in the protrusion of the lower back of the heel bone, where the muscle and plantar fascia adhere. The cause of the pain; Tears, degeneration and related inflammation in the tendon and plantar fascia that adhere to this area rather than the bone formed.

Where and why is it seen?

What are the symptoms?

How is the diagnosis made?

It is a very common disease in society. Although it can be seen in all ages and genders, it is more common in middle stones and women. Depressed or excessive arch of the foot, prolonged standing, walking with unsuitable ground and shoes, and excessive weight may cause complaints.

The pain is more in the first press in the morning. Even if it decreases with activity during the day, it continues as a blunt pain. The inability to walk comfortably can cause muscle spasm and cause pain in the calf.

The diagnosis is made by the pain in the heel area on examination, the increase in pain when the toes and fingers are stretched backwards, and the patients history. On the radiographs, it can be seen that bone protrusions of different sizes occur in the lower posterior part of the heel bone.

topuk dikeni, epin calcanei, bakırköy, o

What is the treatment?

Not standing for a long time, not walking on unsuitable floors, not wearing hard-soled shoes, weight loss are the precautions to be taken. Soft supports placed on the heel part of the shoe can reduce pain. Local cortisone injections and ultrasonic shock wave therapy can be applied to patients whose complaints do not improve.

Pulse RF Ablation treatment, which has been applied relatively recently, ensures that pain disappears in a short time, often without the need for surgery, and relapses are significantly reduced.

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